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Brief outline of the project

The two parts of this Project, “Medousa” and “Ta Ftera tou Ermi”, have been designed to create on-line support services for the Greek School Network.

More specifically:

Within the framework of the Odysseia Programme, the Medousa Sub-Project focuses on the development of a Greek Network with teaching/education-oriented content, and on facilitating the promotion, through the World Wide Web, of projects and activities originating in the schools that are part of the Odysseia schools to be set up under Projects like Odysseas, Tilemahos II, the Askoi tou Aiolou, etc. In addition, it has been designed to be used by all Greek schools, and to facilitate the substantive use of the World Wide Web.

The Wings of Hermes Sub-Project undertake to expand the means and methodology for both classroom and distance learning through the use of computer and network technologies in the framework of the activities of the Pedagogical Institute’s Center for Distance Learning. It develops and supports processes for tele-training of teachers, it assembles and produces educational material, and it allows teachers to access, comment on and assess this material.

The activities of this Sub-Project contribute to the further individualization of teacher training and the development of continuous teacher support through the creation of an infrastructure for addressing and solving problems that may arise in the educational process.


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