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Brief outline of the project

Elpinor is the Pilot Project dealing with the introduction of computer and network technologies in Greek High Schools. As a Pilot Project, Elpinor is implemented in 15 schools in 4 developing districts in Western Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Serres, and in areas included in the Odysseus Project: Xanthi, Komotini and Mytilene.
wpe1.jpg (61547 bytes) The Project’s basic objective is to support the difficult tasks students and teachers are faced with in almost all subjects of High School education by producingsoftware and providing supplementary educational material in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Ancient Greek, History, Statistics, Astronomy, Informatics, Vocational Guidance, Institutions and Law, Art History, Free-Hand and Linear Drawing.
The Project is designed to respond to the particular requirements of High School education:
  • an environment that has changed very rapidly over the past two years and is currently being overhauled
  • an environment in which there is tremendous pressure to cover an extensive curriculum and achieve high scores on examinations

given that the aims of this new type of school are:

  1. to provide high quality general education
  2. to develop the capacities of initiative, creativity and judgement in high school students
  3. to provide students with the necessary qualifications and tools to continue their studies at the post-secondary level
  4. to cultivate in students the skills that will facilitate their access to further specialization or training when in the job market.

For further information, please visit the Project web site.



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