What is the educational software that is used in the school computer labs?

All Odysseia educational software is based on educational objectives focusing on the development of critical and creative thinking, on helping students understand difficult and abstract concepts, and on improving the quality of the educational process.

The development of educational software above all aims at producing valid, high-quality, user-friendly, digital learning assets, which allows the students and teachers the liberty to organize and structure their classes as they wish. The Odysseia programme develops and produces interdisciplinary and exploratory educational software , the final objective being to make the computer an indispensable aid and companion in the daily learning process. 

The software produced, is submitted for evaluation:

-        to the Certification Office at the Pedagogical Institute for educational quality and suitability.

-        to the Computer Technology Institute for technical quality.

Once the evaluation process has been completed the software is then distributed to the schools.

Available educational software 

A total of 67 titles for interdisciplinary and exploratory educational software have been developed to date. These have been designed to cover a large part of the General and Technical Secondary Education curriculum program. 17 of these titles are internationally acknowledged software products that have been localized into Greek and adapted to the Greek curriculum. The remaining titles have been designed and developed in Greece by consortia of organizations and companies that combine technical, educational and productive know-how (universities, research institutes, computer technology and software companies).  The actual software is accompanied by educational activities, specifically designed and created by teacher educators and teachers participating in the Odysseia programme.