ExInEd: Exploration in Education (ExInEd) is a NASA-supported program of the Special Studies Office (SSO) of the Space Telescope Science Institute. The SSO is studying and designing ways to develop stronger connections between the research community and K-12 education through SSO's Exploration in Education (ExInEd) program. The ExInEd program, headed by Dr. Robert A. Brown, was established to explore new ways to derive social benefit from the space program by communicating its attendant ideas and results. ExInEd uses technology to overcome the time lag and information barriers that keep fresh research results from reaching wide audiences. In one facet of its program, ExInEd develops new types of electronic publications that combine the aesthetic benefits of traditional hard-cover copy with the flexibility and interactivity of electronic data, including audio and full-color video. ExInEd welcomes the expanded information networks that are enabling better, faster, less expensive, and easier-to-use methods of conveying the information and excitement of space activities to broad audiences.

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