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AIDS Treatment Data Network The AIDS Treatment Data Network is a national, not-for-profit, community-based organization. Treatment education and counseling services for men, women and children with AIDS & HIV are supported by extensive, comprehensive and up-to-date informational databases about AIDS treatments, research studies, services, & accessing care.

FitnessLink-The Health and Fitness Source Welcome to FitnessLink, the Health and Fitness Source! Whether you're an exercise enthusiast, a fitness professional, or a "newbie" to fitness, FitnessLink provides the resources you need to get fit and stay fit!

Healthtouch-Online for better health Healthtouch online is a resource that brings together valuable information from trusted health organizations. We hope you find this information useful.

Natural Ηealth and Longevity This is your resource for valuable information exchanges on Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Longevity, Healing Methods, and Holistic Health. Now you can keep informed on some of the latest discoveries and healing methods from all over the world.

Arkansas Children's Hospital The site of the Children's Hospital in Arkansas with information about the young patients, their parents and their doctors.

Audio Health Files This site contains a great variety of audio files, which answer to the most frequently asked questions about health issues.

Children's Medical Center The Children's Medical Center of the University of Virginia is a comprehensive network of health-care facilities, dedicated to the care of children from birth through adolescence.

Global Health Network The Global Health Network is a union of experts in health and telecommunications. This site, apart from links to relevant issues, contains information about the structure and operation of the Global Health Network .

Health Explorer This site was designed to assist the user in the understanding of his health and a healthy lifestyle. It provides also advices for everyday health issues.

Health Links This site is part of a project of the University of Washington and, apart from link to health issues, contains information of research interest.

International Food Information Council The site of "International Food Information Council" foundation aims to provide scientific information relevant to safe nutrition. It includes advising about food elements and healthy nutrition.

Oncolink Cancer Resource Center The site of the Cancer Resource Center of the University of Pennsylvania includes all the news for the scientific progress against cancer and many on-line bibliographic references.

Substance Abuse Prevention Center The site of the Substance Abuse Prevention Center, for substances like alcohol and drugs, provides research results, statistics, publications and Internet resources concerning substance abuse.

Traumanet The goal of the Trauma Center of the University of Louisiana is to provide qualitative health care to trauma patients.

U. S. Health Statistics The site of the National Health Statistics Center of USA aims tothe provisio of statistics that will lead to the improvement of health services

Virtual Hospital The Virtual Hospital is a continuously updated digital library of health sciences. It provides valuable health care to patients and distant teaching to young doctors. In the pages of the Virtual Hospital the user can find information about every field of medicine and every organs system and to search in the hospital's health book for information about various health issues.

Women's Health Hot Line Home Page An electronic magazine, issued every three months, concerning a woman's health

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