Earthrise: Earthrise is a graphical, easy and fun to use front end to a large database of photos of the Earth from space. Earthrise contains photos from the past 15 years and is a grate resource for students, educators and the general public interested in our planet.

River Resource: RiverResource is a place where students of rivers can explore valuable river resources--a gateway to productive internet exploration. Here classrooms can share the information they are gathering about rivers. RiverResource encourages the study of all aspects of rivers: their present, past, and future; their social and natural history; their ecology, folklore and legends; their music, literature, and art. And lots more.

A Trip Through The Grand Canyon: No trip through cyberspace can begin to communicate the thrill of actually running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This multimedia journey is intended to simply provide a glimpse of the river corridor and share some the joy of being in the grandest of all canyons.

Great Globe Gallery: Here you will find examples of the Globe`s presentations from various Internet sources. This collection consists of the different maps and planiglobes, thematic and historical maps, cartographic nets in various projections (including equal-area as well as conformal ones), satellite images and artificial globes, icons and artistic visions as well as movies.

Arctic Circle: The overall goal of Arctic Circle is to stimulate among viewers a greater interest in the peoples and environment of the Arctic and Subarctic region. This 'electronic circle' has three interrelated themes: natural resources; history and culture; social equity and environmental justice.

How Far Is It? This service uses the University of Michigan Geographic Name Server and a supplementary database of world cities to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them. It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server.

Map Collection: The Perry-Castaeda Library Map Collection (PCL 1.306) holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.

Map Viewer: The Xerox PARC Map Viewer is a World-Wide Web HTTP server that accepts requests for a World or USA map and returns an HTML document including an image of the requested map. Each map image is created on demand from a geographic database.

Country Studies: A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army. This series presently contains studies of 71 countries.

World Flag Database: A vexillological site with many flags. For each country, here you can find it's flag and some general information.

City.Net: Select a region to explore. Here you can find information about countries and towns. Excite City.Net has become one of the largest databases on the web, representing more than 3,000 destinations on-line. It would be hard to imagine a better success story.

USGS - The Learning Web: A portion of the USGS web dedicated to K-12 education, exploration, and life-long learning. The activites here seek to increase science literacy and promote interest in the Earth Sciences. Interact with exciting activities that explore the "tools of the ancients" and how maps can document the changing characteristics of a place. Transform a globe to a flat sheet of paper and follow the paths of great explorers. Discover how plotting data can create a trail of knowledge and how designing a thematic map can convey a message. Enjoy the "landscape of a novel" and map the third dimension.

Project Geosim: Project GeoSim is a joint research project of the Departments of Computer Science and Geography at Virginia Tech. The project is about creating education modules for introductory geography courses. These modules typically have two parts:
1. A tutorial program to introduce terms and concepts of the module.
2. A simulation program with which to carry out lab exercises.

Democritus University of Thrace - Tour To Greece: Visit any place you like. Here you can find pictures and information about regions, cities and interesting sites of Greece.

Athens Weather Report: See what the weather conditions are at this moment in Athens, Greece, and weather forecast for the next days. Data are available from the Water Resources Division of the Civil Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens. You can see some satelite pictures.


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