Foreign Languages

Echo EURODICAUTOM: EURODICAUTOM a electronic dictionary of terminology containing terms, acronyms and abbreviations of all the aspects of the European Union Activities.

English as a Foreign Language Magazine: EFLWEB is an on-line magazine for those teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language.

Hindi Lessons: The University of Pennsylvania is the first institution in the United States to offer language instruction in Hindi and other South Asian languages after World War II. The program has grown over the years and currently offers Hindi at several levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Accelerated. The Accelerated course is especially designed to meet the needs of the so called 'semi-native speakers' who have skewed proficiency in the target language due to their exposure in limited domains.

Web Spanish Lessons: These Spanish lessons were prepared to teach basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish. The lessons are provided in Web-browsable format for use with graphical World Wide Web browsers. Each lesson is loosely organized around a central theme. New words, sample sentences, pronunciation guides, grammar explanations, and self-tests are included in most of the lessons. In addition, each lesson contains audio of that lesson's new words being spoken to help with pronunciation.

Arabic Audio Lessons: Arabic teaching at Pennsylvania University began in 1788. For most of the last two centuries, primary emphasis in the language component of the program has been on the acquisition of an advanced reading skill within the context of a traditional of the study of the Orient in the ancient and medieval periods built on the principles of philology. Please note that you need RealAudio player.

Universal Survey of Languages: This is a demonstration project that will hopefully develop into a full-blown collaborative effort with the aim of creating a major reference work- a general survey of the world's languages suitable for the linguistic beginner and expert alike. This is intended to be a beginning,and as such, all information is tentative.

ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary: Look up words in a simple French-English Dictionary containing about 75,000 terms. This is a limited resource originally developed for machine translation applications, but better than nothing.

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