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Age of Enlightenment in France. Add a colorful, interactive touch to your lessons about the Age of Enlightenment in France. Students can learn about this period (1715 - 1799) by sampling this site's historical background of the time, biographies of artists and selections of their work, and a genealogy of the French royalty. Of special note is a detailed description of how art was commisioned during this period.

Ansel Adams Fiat Lux. Plenty of information about this renowned photographer can be found here, including historical and biographical essays. The site also provides a lot of online photos from the Adams exhibition at the University of California. Next to many photos there are links to sound clips of Adams discussing the work.

ARTN Virtual Photography Laboratory. Artists around the world are beginning to use high-end computers and the Internet to create new forms of visual art. This Web site is a link to the exhibitions of online artists who use these sophisticated electronic tools to create virtual sculptures, photographs, holograms, and paintings.

Art History Via Artserve. This page presents four centuries of arts, aminly from the Mediterranean region and offers access to about 10,200 images and a full-length art history book. The image collection consists of some 2,800 images of prints, largelyfrom the fiftenth to the end of the nineteenth century, and more than 8,500 images of architecture and architectural sculpture.

Asian Arts. Asian art provides teachers with a great opportunity to graphically teach world cultures. This site offers a large database of Asian art exhibitions, articles, and online galleries of modern and historical artwork. Currently available are an Early Tibetan Mandalas exhibition, the Peaceful Wind and Traders of the Lost Arts galleries, and results of recent Asian art actions at Christie's in London.

Carlos' Interactive Coloring Book. Students can pick one of seven black and white images to color in, and then, using a mouse, point and click on the areas they want to color. When finished, they can retrieve a graphic image of their finished work to print out. The available pictures include Birthday, Christmas, Clown, Flower, House, and Snowman.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Exhibit. Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized as one of the twentieth century's greatest architects. his buildings represent some of the world's most important architectural treasures. Students in search of an intimate look at the life and work of Wright will find it in Wisconsin - his birthplace and home for most of his life, as well as here in this new online exhibit.

Global Show - n -Tell. Global Show - n -Tell is a virtual exhibition that lets children show off their favorite projects, possessions, accomplishments and collections to kids (and adults) around the world. The exhibition consists of links to children's artwork in the form of multimedia pages residing in the WWW or ftp servers.

Hypervision Online Gallery. HyperVision is an online gallery for aspiring artists looking for a worldwide audience. Current exhibits include "The Night sky" by Audra Noble, "The Florida Series" by stephen Stober, and "Electronic Illustrations" by Greg Mably.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum. Leonardo da Vinci was a great painter, designer, scientist, futurist, and thinker. This online museum is divided into several wings: East Wing: Oil Painting; West Wing: Engineering and Futuristic Designs; North Wing: Drawings and Sketches; and South Wing: Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci, a historical exhibit.

Lite - Brite. This is a fun, colorful way to introduce younger students to the WWW. Art students around the world can create their own works of Lite - Brite art online.

The Louvre. This version of the Musee du Louvre, perhaps the most famous art museum in the world, is free and open to the public 24 hours a day! Visit the famous painting exhibition (from Cazanne to Picasso), the Louvre 's Auditorium, and a medieval listed below.Students can also take a short tour of Paris through the site.

Origami Page. This site provides information about the art of origami! More than three dozen printable origami designs are printed here. Origami has been practiced for handrends of years in Japan, where its use ranges from the religious to the traditional, keep-the-kids-occupied-on-a-rainy-day activity.

OTIS Online Art Archives. OTIS is a place for image-makers to exchange ideas, collaborate and, in a loose sense of the world, meet. Young artists, many of them college students, have Web pages that include autobiographies, examples of their work, and their comments on the pieces shown. They invite e-mail comments. Artists young and old can add to OTIS's image collection by submitting their own works.

Sistine Chapel. Built between 1475 and 1483 in the time of Pope Sixtus IV della Rovere, the Sistine Chapel originally served as Palatine Chapel. The chapel is rectangular in shape and measures 40.93 meters long by 13.41 meters wide - the exact dimensions of Temple of Solomon, as given in the Old Testament. This Web site contains more than 325 images of the chapel, many of them divided by artist or by which portion of the Bible or of the life of Christ is depicted.

Virtual Art Study Tour. Walk like an Egyptian around the palace of Ramses III! This architectural site gives students the ability to "walk through" computer reproductions of ancient buildings and modern structures, even one by Mies van der Rohe. Visitors can click on direction buttons to move through the buildings as if they were walking through them.

ArtScape: A dynamic online resource for artists and those who love art.

Cartoon Factory Animation Art Gallery: Art Cels are the building blocks of your favorite cartoons- they are the actual paintings created by skilled animators to make the classics we all grew up with. And no matter what your favorites are, we have them at The Cartoon Factory! Explore it to find your favorite characters!

DADArt Virtual Gallery: An international art gallery for paintings, architecture, sculpture, poetry, photography and literature.

The Gallery: The Gallery is an on-line art gallery that specializes in the exposure of talented, up-and-coming artists. It gives both new and established artists a place to display their art so that the entire world can view and purchase prints (and possibly originals!). The Gallery features a virtual interface so that users have the visual sensation of walking through an actual art gallery.

Internet for the Fine Arts: IFA is an international on-line community and network of artists, galleries, museums, and resources for the fine arts. We strive to make most of the resources relating to the fine arts accessible from this site. IFA is constantly changing to reflect the emergence of new artists and galleries on the Internet.

UCR/California Museum of Photography: The UCR/California Museum of Photography, devoted to photography as both art and social document, is one of the most significant photographic museums in the United States.

Culture Finder: If classical music, opera, dance or theater are part of your life, or if you always wanted them to be, we've designed CultureFinder for you. Check our Calendar for schedules for over 800 arts organizations in the U.S. and Canada, read our weekly articles to keep up-to-date, or get your questions answered about the arts.

Art on the Net: Art on the Net is a collective of artists helping each other to come up on the Internet and share their works on the World Wide Web.Currently our site is international, representing over 100 artists from around the world. We have poets, musicians, painters, sculptors, digital artists, performance artists, animators and much more. We are always open to adding artists in new areas.

Institute of Egyptian Art and Archeology: The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, founded in 1984, is a component of the Department of Art of The University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee (USA), and is a Tennessee Center of Excellence. It is dedicated to the study of the art and culture of ancient Egypt through teaching, research, exhibition, and community education.

National Museum of American Art: The National Museum of American Art (NMAA) is the nation's museum dedicated to the arts and artists of the United States from the earliest colonial times to the present. NMAA's collection of more than 37,500 works of art--paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, crafts, and folk art--is the largest collection of works by American artists in the world. This collection and the museum's scholarship, exhibitions and publications, make it a leading center for the study and display of American art.

Web Museum: If this is one of your first trips on the Web, you may want to start exploring a tiny subset of the collections first: try out the medieval art exhibit. However, most artworks are exhibited in the Famous Paintings section.

Art Source: Welcome to ArtSource, a gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture. The content is diverse and includes pointers to resources around the net as well as original materials submitted by librarians, artists, and art historians, etc.

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