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WebAcropol: This is a website about Acropolis. A Virtual Tour of Acropolis and a historical review with images from Acropolis are available here.

The Ancient Athens Home Page: The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical languages, civilization, art, archaeology, and history at Indiana University who may wish to take a "virtual tour" of the chief excavated regions and extant monuments. Αlso hope this site is useful to all who have an interest in archaeological exploration and the recovery, interpretation, and preservation of the past.

The Ancient Greek World: A partial presentation, in digital form, of a real-life exhibit in Rodney S. Young Gallery from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Only some of the objects on exhibit could be shown here, and the text is a shortened version of what can be seen in the gallery itself. Some topics you can find here are: daily life, economy, religion.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology: This page collects links to internet resources of interest to classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists. Here you can find texts, projects, journals, bibliographies, exhibits, Web documents and sources of images, course material and teaching resources, museums, atlases and geographic information.d Geographic Information. You can use a search machine to find what you are looking for.

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean: This site contains information about the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean. Through a series of lessons and illustrations, it traces the cultural evolution of humanity in the Aegean basin from the era of hunting and gathering (Palaeolithic-Mesolithic) through the early village farming stage (Neolithic) and the formative period of Aegean civilization into the age of the great palatial cultures of Minoan Crete and and Mycenaean Greece. The textual information and illustrations in this site come from the lecture notes of Jeremy B. Rutter, Chairman of the Classics Department at Dartmouth College.The site was sponsored by the Foundation of the Hellenic World and Dartmouth College. It was created by members of the Dartmouth College Computer Science Department in the Dartmouth Experimental Visualization Laboratory (DEVLAB).

The Internet Classics Archive: Bringing the wisdom of the classics to the Web since 1994. The Internet Classics Archive is an award-winning, searchable collection of almost 400 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation) with user-provided commentary. The Classics Archives features, among others, such notable pieces as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Virgil's Aeneid, the histories of Tacitus and Thucydides, and Plato's Apology.

Meeting Places for Classicists: Links collection: Classical Resources, Information on Classical Antiquity, Classics Departments, Archeology Departments, Electronic Journals.

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