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Brief outline of the Project

The object of this Project is to carry out a small number of assessment studies and to record the basic features of the new educational reality that Odysseia is attempting to introduce.

These studies were prepared by independent experts both Greek and foreign, from Universities, Institutes, Professional Associations, Consultant firms, etc.

These studies are focussing on issues including:

  • the general management of the Programme and its progress,
  • the process of implementation of the overall Programme,
  • the impact (observed and desired) of the Programme upon educational practice with regard to teaching methodology and the acceptance of computer and network technologies,
  • the impact (observed and desired) of the Programme on students achievement,
  • the choices with regard to technological equipment and infrastructure; and the development of software tools,
  • the interdependence and interaction between the individual Projects.

A panel of experts who have expressed interest has been developed, and studies on Effective Management of Large Ministry of Education Projects and New Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education have already been completed.

The following studies are currently in progress:

  • A viability study focusing on the educational value and further development of the technological infrastructure and staffing of the Odysseia Programme. This study is nearing completion.
  • Cradles of Civilization and Knowledge on the School Network.
  • New Technologies in Special Education


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