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Brief outline of the Project

The development of computer and network technologies in the core curriculum of the basic education system is a true educational reform, and an internationally pioneering development that raises a number of technological, organizational and educational issues that need to be addressed.

The Kalypso Project includes, apart from formal Project management (progress bulletins, archives, etc.) and financial administration (budgets, payments, etc.), the detailed designing of the various individual Projects (drafting of Project Specifications) and attending to the problems that will doubtlessly arise during the implementation of the Odysseia Programme due to: (a) its size, (b) time constraints, (c) the very large number of individuals and collaborators involved, and (d) the close interdependence of the various projects.

The Kalypso Project designs, co-ordinates and takes full advantage of the dynamic complementarity of the individual Projects to maximize the impact of the entire Programme. It also tries to make the best possible use of the resources made available by the various collaborators and agencies that are working together in the Programme to utilize computer and network technologies in secondary education, so that the overall endeavor proves to be productive in both the present and long term, and of benefit to the entire educational community (students, teachers, parents, school and local society).


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