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Brief outline of the Project

This Project is designed to provide Internet access for students, at home or at school (or anywhere else), via ordinary telephone lines.

The approach adopted is based on taking full advantage of available Internet services such as e-mail with multi-media support, "real-time" Internet conversations and collaboration in the realization of projects and joint activities.

Through the Odysseia school network environment, students at home can take full advantage of the following possibilities, which of course are the objective of this Project:

Co-operative distance learning

Students can continue their work at home, and through Internet access they can download exercises and practice material, visit on-line libraries and find out about relevant new books, be informed about relevant web sites, etc., as well as use e-mail to work with fellow students on various school projects.

Students and teachers can also work together through on-line chat rooms.

Access to and publication of information

Apart from easy access to the Internet, while on-line, students can also produce and up-date such multimedia material as a virtual newsletter, books for the school year just completed, etc. They can also publish their own work and artwork on the Internet: projects, reports, music, photography, videos.

Parent participation

An additional feature of taking full advantage of Internet technology, and one that should not be overlooked, is parental involvement in this aspect of the education process and parental participation - where possible - in the student’s search for and exploration of material.


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