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Brief outline of the project

Support for technical equipment and infrastructure is a basic and particularly essential requirement, given the innovative aspect of the introduction of technology into the school environment, an area not readily amenable to change.

In this context, the Ios Project provides material resources and staff for technical support in 300 Odysseia school computer labs.

The goals of this project, which relate to both teacher support and to the actual business of running the labs, include:

  • Finding suitable staff to provide on-site technical support for school computer labs.
  • Staffing and operation of an efficient and effective Help Desk.
  • Continuous teacher support for the use of technology, through lab technicians, the Help Desk, manuals, training, etc.
  • Monitoring the proper functioning of the individual technological components of the lab infrastructure: computer equipment, network, software.
  • Monitoring the efficiency of installed systems.
  • Practical evaluation of technical solutions proposed under the  Mnistires Project and their implementation in the schools.
  • Adaptation of computer systems to the technical requirements of educational software and the network environment, in collaboration with the Mnistires Project.


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