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What are the duties of the In-School Computer Lab Technicians and who is responsible for hiring them?

The duties of the In-School Computer Lab Technicians may be summed up as follows:

  • Technical assistance to lab users, both students and teachers, ensuring the proper use of the computer lab.
  • Preparation of the computer lab in order to ensure its readiness to support various educational activities.
  • Support for whatever teacher training activities take place within the school, regarding the use and full exploitation of computer and network technologies.
  • Supervising the installation of the technical equipment and infrastructure.
  • Preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting, including the resolution of software problems and the repair or replacement of defective parts of lab systems, in collaboration with the Help Desk set up under the Ios Project, and with the contractors who supply the Lab Technicians.
  • Recording and reporting of operating problems (hardware and software), and proposing solutions.
  • General communication with the Help Desk, Computer Science and New Technologies (ΠΛΗΝΕΤ), Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, etc..
  • Ensuring the general security of the computer lab whenever it is open.

These technicians will gradually be assigned to the Odysseia schools over the course of the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 school years. Their services will be available during the ordinary school day of the schools to which they have been assigned, and they must divide their time equitably among these schools. They will not provide technical support services on school holidays or during vacation periods, except in exceptional circumstances when this is expressly requested.

Each In-School Computer Lab Technician follows a regular weekly programme, which is scheduled by the administrator responsible for the number of schools to which the technician is assigned in such a way that the needs of all these schools are fairly met. The In-School Computer Lab Technicians follow ordinary school working hours, and cover a specific number of hours in each school. They have been asked to be flexible concerning the hours during which they can be available in the computer labs, so that they can be present in the labs during teacher training sessions.

Finally, the In-School Computer Lab Technicians are hired by the contractor implementing the Ios Project.

What happens if there is a problem in the computer lab that the In-School Computer Lab Technician cannot solve?

In such a case the Technician would contact the contractor implementing the Ios Project for guidance.


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