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Can instructors install software in the computer lab on their own initiative?

The installation of software in the computer labs is the responsibility of the In-School Computer Lab Technician. The installation of software packages by teacher/mentors creates risks with relation to: a) the proper operation of the computer lab, and b) the legal use of the specific software. As a general rule, the installation of software by teacher/mentors, even in consideration of their training in the Special Training Units in the participating Universities, is not recommended.

In any case, any instructor who decides to install a software package in an Odysseia computer lab must first inform the Project E-42 administrator responsible for their training and must ensure that their intervention does not interfere with the proper operation of the computer lab.

What should an instructor do if a teacher in a school not involved in the Odysseia Programme (and who therefore has not been trained) should ask them to supply the title of an Odysseia educational software package for use in his school?

Given that the didactic use of this educational software presupposes both preliminary training, by trained instructors, in its use and appropriate technical back-up, unauthorized use of Odysseia software used in Odysseia schools is not advisable.


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