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Brief outline of the project

The Kirki Project is designed to adapt a number of well- established educational software products selected from the international market to the Greek Education System and to Greek reality. Following the assesment and evaluation of many dozens of software packages, 17 internationally acknowledged software packages were selected and appropriate teams were commissioned to adapt these  packages to the requirements of the qele0m.bmp (244078 bytes)
Greek school system, in collaboration with and under the supervision of the Pedagogical Institute and the Computer Technology Institute.

More specifically, the aims of this Project are:

  • to provide the Greek education system with a wealth of quality learning material which will form the foundation of each school’s computer library,
  • to create the conditions within which the Greek market can successfully continue this productive activity after the completion of the Project, and
  • to create support services and know-how (within the Ministry of Education, the Pedagogical Institute and the Computer Technology Institute) for continuous evaluation and certification of adapted international educational software products.
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The Project is currently being implemented. 

For further information, please visit the Project web site.



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