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Brief outline of the Project

The Laertis Project is designed to answer the question of whether the introduction of computer and network technologies into secondary level technical and vocational education can contribute to :

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  • familiarization with contemporary technical/ vocational methods
  • bringing school vocational training in line with modern-day requirements
  • familiarization with the concept of learning as "a way of life"
  • attenuating inequalities between general and technical/vocational education 
The Project will be implemented and evaluated in 15 Technical and Vocational Schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, Trikala and Serres. Those 15 Technical and Vocational Schools (TVS) are:


1) 1st TVS of Thessaloniki 1) 1st TVS of Egaleo
2) 9th TVS of Thessaloniki 2) 4th TVS of Athens
3) 1st TVS of Kalamaria 3) 1st TVS of Tavros
4) 1st TVS of Epanomi 4) 1st TVS of Nea Philadelphia
5) 11th TVS of Thessaloniki  
6) 1st TVS of Stavroupoli  
Serres Trikala
1) 1st TVS of Nigrita 1) 2nd TVS of Trikala
2) 1st TVS of Sidirokastro 2) 1st TVS of Farkadona
3) 1st TVS of Serres  

Recent Project Developments

  • Project teacher selection is currently underway.
  • Infrastructure has been installed in all the Technical and Vocational Schools involved in the Project
  • Selection of in-school computer technicians is currently underway.
  • As of July 2000 contacts are being made with all schools involved in the Laertis Project. Through these contacts the Teacher’s Association, headmasters and school administrators are kept up to date about the Project and its progress.


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