Training teachers to take full advantage of new technologies

Training 125 teacher/educators

Teacher training is provided by specially educated teachers, chosen by the Ministry of Education, who receive further education at specifically designated university units, highly specialized in such subject areas.

The instruction the selected teachers receive is highly specialized at post-graduate level.

In Greece today, there are three post-graduate educational centers at the Universities of Athens, Macedonia and Thessaloniki that provide courses in the educational use of ICTs in school, to 125 expert teacher educators.

Training 5500 secondary school teachers of all school subjects

The provision of in-school instruction for 5500 teachers of the 385 Odysseia schools in the direct use of computers as a medium for teaching and learning is the basic goal of the core team of 125 teacher/educators, who undertake the training of their
colleagues within the environment of the individual school unit.

Unlike the one-dimensional model of seminar type courses, the Odysseia program provides in-school training, adapted to the needs of each school. It is systematic, continuous, without being intensive and it is strictly oriented towards the educational practice. It reaches out to teachers for all subjects and all areas of specialization and it combines the following:

-        Issues regarding the educational value of ICTs

-        Issues concerning teaching methodology in the use of ICTs

-        Technical training in the use of the specialized educational software

-        Methods for teaching classes in the Odysseia lab.

The educator is considered as a mentor in the use of ICTs in the classroom and not merely as the implement for a predefined curriculum.


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